Symbol Recovery for DC-Biased Optical OFDM

Symbols estimators before slicer, 8-PSK Constellation, SNR=20 [dB]. (a) Proposed algorithm. (b) Traditional Clipping.

This package contains three files: a (readme) detailed instruction file, the main function for the Iterative Sign Estimation Algorithm (ISEA), and a script which demonstrates this function’s operation for a user-selected OFDM trasmission simulation.

To download the Matlab package, click here.

[1] Weiss, A., Yeredor, A. and Shtaif, M., “Iterative Symbol Recovery for Power Efficient DC-Biased Optical OFDM Systems”, Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 34, no. 9, pp. 2331-2338, May 2016. arXiv